BMX is a popular sport in America and individuals of all ages can take part. Young children who love to ride a bike and wish to bring their skills to the next level often turn to this activity and older Americans can still take part in the fun. However, care must be taken to ensure a person does not become injured while riding. Knee injuries are often reported in this sport, and individuals may take steps to prevent them before they occur. Following is some information on one of the most common injuries seen while taking part in BMX activities.


The anterior cruciate ligament or ACL is the ligament responsible for connecting the shinbone to the thigh. Motorcross involves a lot of jumps on the bike. If the knee isn’t properly bent, the ACL may be damaged or torn.

Recovering from an ACL Tear or Damage

Individuals often don’t realize how long it takes to recover from an injury of this type, but they may be down a year before they can resume all activities. First and foremost, a surgery must be done to repair any damage, and this will be followed up with physical therapy. Rushing the process can extend the recovery time, so patience and dedication are required to ensure all doctors’ orders are followed. Furthermore, a person may find they have permanent damage after an injury of this type and are no longer fully able to control their bike when doing tricks or making jumps.


The best thing to do is prevent an ACL tear from occurring in the first place. For this reason, many physicians recommend every BMX rider make use of knee braces and supports, such as those offered by Mueller braces and supports. The brace or support helps to protect the knee from harm and minimize any damage that does occur. Although many riders don’t initially like the feel of the brace when they first wear it, believing it is too bulky, this is one piece of safety equipment that should always be used.

Turn to Mueller braces and supports for devices appropriate for any sport. Avoiding injury is the best way to stay in the game and these devices can be of great assistance in achieving this goal. With many sizes and styles to choose from, every rider should be able to find one that fits their body and meets their needs without difficulty.